Information regarding the Anglo-Soviet joint Envionmental Protection Seminar held at Windermere.

Scope and Content

File contains letters to T.R. Graham from Lund over papers; letters between Lund and P.H. Garnett over Anglo-Soviet Windermere Seminar and publication; Lund's draft work for the Russian Meeting; photocopy of a paper on Eutrophication; a paper on the choice of a suitable sampler for benthic macroinvertebrates in deep rivers; information on the second Anglo-Soviet seminar; Environmental protection agreement; copy of the programme of arrangements for the Anglo-Soviet joint Environmental Protection Committee; photocopy of a letter on the seminar; letters regarding the seminar; draft about the seminar for publicaton; information on the outline protocol; background note to the Russian's visit; and a memorandum of the second meeting held in 1975.