Papers of Sir Arthur Vick (1911-1998), academic and physicist

Scope and Content

These papers relate to Sir Arthur Vick's career and interests from the time of his postgraduate studies and the Second World War until his death in 1998. The collection comprises correspondence and subject files and includes papers relating to his career (1936-97), the various professional associations and bodies to which he was attached (1930-96), his correspondence and personalia (including two diaries for 1937-8 and a 1915 Niels Bohr manuscript article 'The Spectra of Hydrogen and Helium', printed in 'Nature' the same year) (1915-98), published scientific material and papers relating to his own lectures, publications, conferences and visits (1887-1998), besides a variety of material relating to African and British universities and higher education on a national and international level (1930-96). A later deposit of papers and personal correspondence relating to his career and interests covers the period 1939-98.

The material concerning his career (correspondence, minutes, notes, newscuttings and publications) relates to: the Ministry of Supply (1939-1981); University College, London (1936-1992); the University of Manchester (1937-1981); the University College of North Staffordshire, Keele (1949-1996); the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell (1959-1991); and the Queen's University, Belfast (1965-1996). Also included in this series are papers relating to his involvement with Warwick University (essentially after his retirement in 1976) (1964-1997).

Administrative / Biographical History

Sir (Francis) Arthur Vick was born in Solihull on 5 June 1911. He attended Waverley Grammar School in Birmingham, later reading Physics at Birmingham University (B.Sc., 1932; with Honours, 1933) and subsequently taking his Ph.D. in solid state physics there, which he completed in 1936. His specialism was solid state physics. He began his career as an Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer in Physics at University College, London, 1936-39. In 1939-44 he worked at the Ministry of Supply as Assistant Director of Research, directing research into mechanical and proximity fuses. He was awarded the OBE in January 1945. He then returned to his career as an academic physicist first at Manchester, 1944-50 (as a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Physics) and then University College of North Staffordshire, Keele, from 1950-59 (Professor of Physics), where he was Vice-Principal (and Acting Principal) from 1950-54. The college gained university status and became the University of Keele in 1962. He was Vice-President of the Institute of Physics from 1953-56 and Honorary Secretary, 1956-c.60. In 1959, he became the Deputy Director (Director in 1960) of the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell, and was also Director of Research Group in the UK Atomic Energy Authority during the same years, 1959-64. He was a member of the University Grants Committee, 1959-66, and a member of its New Universities Sub-Committee, and was President of the Association of Teachers in Colleges and Departments of Education, 1964-72. In 1966 he was appointed Vice-Chancellor of Queen's University, Belfast, where he succeeded in maintaining a non-sectarian environment for peaceful study and developed both the University Arts Festival and links with industry. He was knighted in 1973 for his services to Northern Ireland and retired in 1976. During his retirement he became closely involved with the University of Warwick, being Chairman of its Council from 1977-90 and Pro-Chancellor from 1977-92. He was also a member of the Modern Records Centre's Advisory Board (1978-88). Sir Arthur died on 2 September 1998.

Reference: Debrett's Peerage Limited 'People of Today' (London, 1993); 'University of Warwick Newsletter', no. 233 (October 1998).

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Subject to certain conditions (described in the full catalogue), this collection is available to researchers by appointment at the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick. See

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These papers were deposited with the Centre by Christine Vick in March 1999 and an additional deposit of papers was made in March 2000.

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The collection has been weeded for duplicates.

Photocopies of published material have also been removed in accordance with copyright law, and these items are recorded below:

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Further deposits are not expected.

Related Material

The Centre also holds the records of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals (CVCP) (MSS.399).

A copy of the Niels Bohr manuscript article (1915) (MSS.395/3/44/1) was donated by Sir Arthur to the Bohr Archive at the Niels Bohr Institutet, Denmark, where futher material on the Danish physicist can be found.

The archives of the following are held at The National Archives: Inter-University Council for Higher Education Overseas (ref. BW 90); United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell (Scientific and Technical Administration, correspondence and papers, 1952-1981) (ref. AB 57); Culham Laboratory (in the class AB); the Ministry of Supply (in the class SUPP).