Graham Sutherland book: book, proofs, photographs, reproductions

Scope and Content

Graham Sutherland 1st edition, copy of book on the writer Graham Sutherland which reproduces all the important works from 1943-1950 in colour plates; black and white reproductions illustrate Sutherland’s artistic development from 1936 to 1950; introduction by Robert Melville, published in 1950 by the Ambassador Publishing Co.


(Note: attached to most colour reproductions are colour transparencies; transparencies are pinned to book pages – in need of conservation)

1 copy

AAD/1987/1/194 File 1

Proofs for the Graham Sutherland book


Stapled folder of colour and black and white reproductions, black and white photographs

AAD/1987/1/194 File 2

Additional 2 copies of book cover and pages 103-110 from The Ambassador , rough working proofs of pages, black and white reproductions

(Note: reproductions attached to sheets with pins)


2 copies

AAD/1987/1/194 File 3