Local Medical History

Scope and Content

Miscellaneous material gathered primarily by EBL concerning general medical history in Manchester. The choice of subject matter is idiosyncratic rather than comprehensive; there is material on homeopathy in Manchester (MMC/4/7), quackery (MMC/4/8), medicine and war (MMC/4/4), important historical episodes involving Manchester medics such as the Peterloo massacre, the 1745 rebellion in Manchester and the death of William Huskisson in a railway accident (MMC/4/11), locations in Manchester with medical associations (MMC/4/5), and material relating to specific specialisms such as obstetrics and gynaecology, and pharmacology.


The material is arranged into the following series:

  • MMC/4/1 - General local history not necessarily medical but referring to it
  • MMC/4/2 - Local medical history: pre-Infirmary
  • MMC/4/3 - Local medical history: mid-period, c.1750-1870
  • MMC/4/4 - Manchester medicine and war
  • MMC/4/5 - Historic spots in Manchester with regard to medicine
  • MMC/4/6 - Manchester medical men and literature
  • MMC/4/7 - Homeopathy in Manchester
  • MMC/4/8 - Quackery in Manchester
  • MMC/4/9 - Medicines connected with Manchester
  • MMC/4/10 - X-rays in Manchester
  • MMC/4/11 - Episodes in Manchester medical history
  • MMC/4/12 - Obstetrics, gynaecology and midwifery in Manchester
  • MMC/4/13 - Dentistry in Manchester
  • MMC/4/14 - Manchester Ship Canal and medical service
  • MMC/4/15 - Pharmacology in Manchester
  • MMC/4/16 - Dermatology in Manchester
  • MMC/4/17 - Practitioner Lists