Duties of land values: Bryn y Menai

Scope and Content


Made by Mrs H.T. Ashworth of Bryn y Menai, Llandegfan.

Occupier Mrs H.T. Ashworth, Bryn y Menai, Llandegfan.

Number of poor rate 64, house and land. Gross estimated value £85. Rateable value £72. 5s., land is freehold, messuages or dwelling house with coach house, vinery, greenhouse, stables and gardens. There was considerable expansion by the late Mr Edmund Ashworth in constructing a carriage drive or approach. Recently the owners have spent £100 in necessary renewals and repairs.

DUTIES ON LAND VALUES: Instructions for making returns Inland Revenue form 4. Official document reference the changes in Land Reform Act 1910.DUTIES ON LAND VALUES. NOTICE TO MAKE RETURNS: Official form by the Inland Revenue, Somerset House, London, WC. Refers to the provisions of the Finance (1909-10) Act, 1910. Addressed to Mrs Ashworth, Bryn Menai, reference Llandegfan 21.66.67.

Appointed officer T. Ellis, Demerara, Menai Bridge, who the form should be delivered to in 30 days.

Explanation in the form that 'Land' includes; all buildings and structures thereon and all minerals on.

Conditions Governing Access

Dim cyfyngiadau/ No Restrictions


Os gwelwch yn dda archebwch y dogfenau gan ddefnyddio y rhif cyfeirnod amgen (lle ddarperidd) / Please order documents using the alternative reference number (where provided)

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Cyflwr da /Good condition