Inland Revenue form A-6 estate duty: the aggregate amount of debts by Edmund Ashworth, deceased

Scope and Content

INLAND REVENUE FORM A-6 ESTATE DUTY: The executors and trustees desire a grant of probate of the will with 3 codicils for the late Edmund Ashworth, Bryn y Menai, nr Menai Bridge, county of Anglesey. The gross value thereof, as at the date of the deceased death was all together £108,011.10s.11p. The aggregate amount of the debts and funeral expenses is said £157.7s 2p.


1. Thomas Lewis, City Steam Mills, Bangor, for Corn £1.11s. 2p.

2. Jones Bros. Coachbuilders, Bangor, for repairs to carriages £38.5s.

3. Jones & Son's, Chemist, Menai Bridge for medicines £7. 8s.10p.

4. Donald Carneron, Tailor, Bangor, for clothes £3.13s.6p.

5. William Evans & Sons, Joiners, Bangor, for general repairs, £1.14s.6p

6. Millman & Co, Bangor for repairs to clocks, £1.14s.6p.

7. Dr Roberts, Brynley, Menai Bridge for medical attendance £7.17s.

8. William Thornton Jones, Solicitor, Bangor for legal charges £27.10s.

9. Bryn Hall Colliery & Co. Ltd. Bryn Hall, for coal £6.19s.6p.

10. W. Rowlands & Co, Bangor, for wine £2.4s.

Funeral costs Evan Parry, Undertaker, Menai Bridge, £53.12s.11p.

Total duty including personal property and whole duty £7388.12s.9 p.

Conditions Governing Access

Dim cyfyngiadau/ No Restrictions


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