Mnukhin Collection

Scope and Content

Cuttings from "Novoe russkoe slovo" (New York) and "Russkaia mysl'" (Paris) of articles about: L N Andreev (by V N Speranskii) (1951) 1q-2q; I A Bunin (by or referring to N E Andreev, A K Baboreko, A V Bakhrakh,Ia Berger, N Bezdomnyi, N A Borodin, V Ia Briusov, A Gide, M E Greene, V P Kataev, A I Kuprin, T D Loginova-Murav'eva, A A Ninov, K G Paustovskii, S V Rakhmaninov, A Sedykh, A F Slizskoi, A I Solzhenitsyn, G P Struve, A T Tvardovskii, M E Veinbaum, N Vinokurova) (1934, 1962-1982) 3q-31q. [Housed in large box with other 1800s q items.]

Access Information

This collection has not been listed in detail and access to parts of it may be restricted under the Data Protection Act and other relevant legislation. If you would like to request access to any part of this collection, please contact Special Collections. Upon receipt of your request, a member of the team will discuss your requirements with you and review relevant material accordingly.