Copy of 'The history of the Mazru'i Dynasty of Mombasa c.1737-1837', by Shayk Al'-amun bin 'ali al-mazru'i

Scope and Content

Concerns the history of the Mazru'i Dynasty of Liwalis who ruled Mombasa from c.1735 - 1835. There were nine liwalis during this period. It contains a chronological account of events which occurred during their rule over Mombasa and some of the coastal strip of East Africa, and lists events such as an attack on Zanzibar c.1745, the Battle of Shela (Lamu) c.1812, war in Pemba 1823, and the seige of Fort Jesus, Mombasa in 1828. Mention is made of relations with other rulers in the area, including Arabs, Swahilis, and Colonial powers. Written from an Arabic rather than a Swahili perspective, it gives a useful perspective on events. The accompanying notes include genealogies of the various members of the Mazru'i family, a chronological table, maps, etc.

Administrative / Biographical History

Shayk Al-'amun bin 'ali al-muzru'i (1891 - 1947), Chief Qadi (Swahili Office) of Kenya 1937 - 1947, wrote this history according to oral tradition. It was given to Rev James Ritchie in 1965 by the then Chief Qadi of Kenya, Shayk Muhammad b.Qasim al-Muzru'i. The English translation and notes are by Ritchie.

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Presented by the Rev James Ritchie in 1992

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