Ibstock Place School: Photographs and Displays

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      1900 - 2016
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Scope and Content

This collection includes photographs and displays of/relating to Ibstock Place School and their pupils.

Administrative / Biographical History

This collection has been arranged and catalogued by the Librarian and Archivist at Ibstock Place School, Angela Platt, since 2014.


This collection is organized by subject.

Conditions Governing Access

All requests for access should be sent to the Librairan and Archivist including: purpose of research, details of requested resources and the outcome of the research project (i.e., publication, dissertation, etc).

Other Finding Aids

LOCATION E1: Photograph Albums






Ephemeral Clippings

LOCATION E1.1: Photograph Albums

1992: Opening of the Froebel Science and Technology Centre

1992: FSTC Building Works

2000: Millennium Album

2002: Senior 11 Leaving Dinner

LOCATION E2: Photographs

1900: Blue Froebel and Green Froebel

1961: Chairman of the School Governors

1985: Barbara Priestman House: the fire, the aftermath, and the re-building

1986: Opening of Barbara Priestman House

1996-1997: J4

1996-1997: Transition

2000: Headmistress from 1984-2000

LOCATION E3: Photographs and Displays

1956: The Rocking Horse

1960s: Children playing outside

1967: Launch of the appeal to build a new Kindergarten and Dining Hall

1972: Maintenance staff

1980: Remiscences by former pupil

1984-1985: Staff

1986-1987: Fifth Year

1987-1988: Fifth Year

1988-1989: Staff

1988-1989: Fifth Year

1988-1989: Fifth Year Leavers Class 5S

1989-1990: Fifth Year

1990s: Ibstock Place School

1990s: Ibstock Place School Main House

1990: Retirement Party for member of staff

1990-1991: Swimming lessons

1990-1991 Pupil

1990-1991: Pupil measuring a tree trunk outside Macleod House

1990-1991: History club

1990-1991: J1P class

1990-1991: J2T class

1990-1991: Heads of School

1990-1991: Junior dance class in gym

1990-1991: view of orchard

1990-1991 Dance tableau in the Dining Room

1990-1991: Fifth Year

1991: Opening of Gerald East Library

1991: Destinations and courses of Fifth Year Leavers

1991-1992: Fifth Year

1992: Opening of the Froebel Science and Technology Centre

1992: Fifth Form leavers

1992-1993: Fifth Year

1993-1994: Fifth Year

1994: Centenary year calendar of events

1994: Centenary Speech Day prizewinners

1994-1995: Fifth Year

1995: Senior 5 leavers

1995-1996: Pupils

1995-1995: Fifth Year leavers

1996: Golden Jubilee (5 photos)

1996: Prize winners: Golden Jubilee Speech Day

1996-1997: Fifth Year

1997: Opening of the new PRiestman House building

1997: Founder's Day Academic Staff

1997: Founder's Day Administrative Staff

1997: Fifth Year Leavers' Dinner

1997-1998: Fifth Year leavers

1998: Commonwealth Observance Day at Westminster Abbey

1998: Speech Day prize winners

1998: Speech Day

1998: Senior staff

1998-1999: Junior 4G and 4D

1998-1999: Transition Cedar and Poplar

1998-1999: Fifth Year

1999: Prize winner Speech Day

1999: Sir Roderic Lyne presents Head Girl with Maurice Finnan Award at Speech Day

2000: Millennium Ball Staff with Fifth Year leavers

2000: Fifth Year

2000: Millennium Speech Day prize winners

2000: Administrative Staff

2000: Renovation of classrooms in Ndii-ini School Community

2000: IPS Celebrates the Millennium

2001: Leavers Dinner

2003: Senior 7H

2003: Senior 7A

2003: Senior 7B

2003: Senior 7C

2004: Fireworks display

Unknown: School trip?

LOCATION E3.1 Photographs and Displays

1979-2004: Ibstock Place School magazine through the years display (25 boards)

1985: Swan Esther

1988: Bonnie & Clyde

1994: Twelfth Night

1999-2000: Whole school photo (in red cylindrical tube)

2000: Oh What a Lovely War

2001: Lark Rise

2004: Godspell

2005: Cast of Grease

2005: Grease rehearsal

2007: Sports Hall construction

Unknown: pupils skiing

Unknown: Sports Day

Unknown: At the beach

LOCATION E3.2 Photographs and Displays

1990: A Midsummer Night's Dream, display

1992: The Threepenny Opera March, display

1996: The Caucasian Chalk Circle, display

1998: Royal Hunt of the Sun, display

2002: Fiddler on the Roof, posters

2006-2007: IPS Sixth Form, framed photograph

2010-2011: IPS Prefects, photograph

LOCATION E3.3 Displays

1842: (Froebel Institute?) The Duties of a Nursery School Teacher in Blankenburg

1900: Rugby and Hockey

1900: Colet GArdens pupils and college students assemble

1904: Summer sports programme

1905: Concert programme

1913-1924: St Serf's House

1914: Roll of service of Old Froebelian

1929: Froebel Education Institute Demonstration School (large folded photos)

1930: Eurythmics Class

1933: Photographs of pupils

1940s: Report on the Evacuation of colleges and schools

1940s?: Pupils in lessons (2 boards)

1940s?: Pupils in class outside

1948-1949: Pupils at Ibstock Place House (2 boards)

1950s?: Founder of the Kindergarten 0 newspaper article

1952: The Times: Froebel's Centenary

1967: The Times: Thanks to the Playmaster for Happiness

1977: 'Why the Froebel School is Special'

1986: Dame Joyce Bishop opens the new Priestman House

1988: Opening of Macleod House

1988: First swim in our covered pool

1990: Fencing club

1990: Teacher and pupil

1990: Pupil having lunch in the Dining Room

2000: Millennial Ball

U.D. Froebel Quotes

U.D. MAthematics Work

U.D. Life of Friedrich Froebel, timeline

U.D. Text about Charcoalburner

U.D. German poster

U.D. Letter written in German

U.D. Mother-Play, and nursery songs by Friedrich Froebel

U.D. Painting of Froebel

U.D. Froebel's Childgarden illustrations

U.D. 'Who was Friedrich Froebel?', posterboard

LOCATION E3.4 Displays

1950s: Returning to School

1950s?: Science pavilion

1950s?: Classroom

1950s? Puppet theatre on the Terrace

1950s: Nursery

1950s: Army Hut School Dining Room

1952: Orchestra performance

1956: Tennis lesson

1970s: Cookery class

1970s: Science class

1980s: Four teachers

1981: School Fair

1971: Cast of a school play

1976: Deputy Head with class

1980: Second Year class

1982: Second Year class

1984: Priestman House burns down

1984: Fifth Form leavers

1985: Upper Kindergarten in the Annexe

1985: Magpie Wood (production?)

1986: Opening of the new Barbara Priestman House

1990: School fundraiser

1990: Fencing class

1990: Class in Gymnasium

1998: Senior 4 Class

LOCATION E4 Individual photographs



Staff 2003

Macleod House 2003


Unknown dates

LOCATION E5: individual photographs

Stained glass window Priestman House, 1999

Prize Giving, 2001


Prize Giving, 2004

Senior School, 2004

LOCATION E6: Photographs and Media

Panoramic Photograph, 1960 (rolled up)

Medium Sized Photographs in Red Box

Blue Box: black and white photographs from display, 1960s

Large photographs in plastic bag, 2000s?

Box of negatives

VHS: Yanomami Children of the Moon by Junior 3, 1998

VHS: Persephone, 1987

VHS: A Child's World, 1994

VHS: Journey, 1996

CD: IPS promo photos

CD: S7 team building, 2008

CD: Music school spotlight, 2007

CD: Switzerland ski trip, 2004

CD: Images from prospectus

CD: Trinidad and Tobogo, 2006

CD: Music concert, 2006

CD: Primary prospectus, 2007

CD: Prize Giving, 2006

CD: Pupils, 2002

CD: Little Shop of Horrors