An original bundle of examination certificates of Sydney and Eva Larkin

Scope and Content

a) SL. Pitman's Shorthand. Elementary Certificate, December 1896

b) Likewise, April 1897

c) Likewise, Mounted Theory certificate, July 1899

d) SL. University of Cambridge. Preliminary Local Examination, December 1897

e) Likewise. Junior Certificate, December 1898

f) SL. Board of Education. Elementary Certificate in Physiography, 1901

g) Likewise, in Geometrical Drawing, 1901

h) Likewise, in Inorganic Chemistry, 1902

i) SL. IMTA Primary Examination, October 1908

j) Eva Emelie Day, Municipal technical School, Leigh. Union of Lancashire & Cheshire Institutes. Intermediate French, April 1903

k) Likewise, April 1904

l) Likewise, April 1905

m) Likewise. Elementary Dressmaking, April 1903

n) Likewise, Elementary Millinery, April 1903

o) EED. Board of Education. Elementary Certificate in Freehand Drawing, 1903

p) EED. Leigh Municipal Technical School. Examination certificate (French, Dressmaking, Millinery, Freehand Drawing), September 1903

q) Likewise (French, Freehand Drawing), September 1904

r) Likewise. EED. Leigh Municipal Technical School. French Intermediate Certificate, September 1905

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