Artificial file. Letters from Bruce Montgomery to Philip Larkin, writing from Devon

Scope and Content

Topics include:

Bruce Montgomery's own work, including music for films, and collaborating with Kingsley Amis on a stage musical

'Pattisserie' [Patsy Strang] The 'Times Education Supplement'

'The L. D.' ['The Less Deceived']

Kingsley and Hilly Amis

Ernest Hemingway

'Lucky Jim' (Amis)

'The Observer'

Bob Conquest


'Across the Bridge' (film)

Alan Ross

Monica Jones

'The Catcher in the Rye' (J. D. Salinger)

I[an] Fleming

'Chastisement Through The Ages' (?)

Geoffrey Bush

Richard Murphy

'Titanic' (film)

'The Fly' (film)

'The Abominable Snowman' (film)

John Davis

Edmund Crispin (the name under which Montgomery wrote his detective novels)

'the new library' at Hull

Edward Hyams' 'Taking it Easy'

'The Whitsun Weddings'

'The Spectator'

Larkin's L.P ('The Less Deceived') and George and Jean Hartley; the poems 'Coming' [CP33], 'Arrivals, Departures' [CP65], and 'Going' [CP3]

Abandoning his reading of 'The Inheritors' (William Golding)

'Venetian Bird' (V. Canning)

Colin Murphy and his second wife Barbara, and Patricia Murphy with reference to 'Nonplus' (a periodical edited by Patricia Murphy)

'The Trumpet Major' (Thomas Hardy), with discussion of the possibilities of an operatic version of it (16/8/60)

'Lorna Doone' (RD Blackmore) and 'Westward Ho!' (Charles Kingsley)

Christmas (21/12/60), with reference to celebrating somebody else's birth, like (Isaac) Newton's

John Maxwell

'Alexandria Quartet' (Lawrence Durrell)

(4 ALSs and 7 TLSs)

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