Workbook no. 1

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Contains Philip Larkin's drafts of poems, c. 200 pages

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Several pages were torn out of this workbook by Larkin before it was deposited in the British Library. These have survived and are catalogued at DPL2/1/1/14; there is also a fragment of p.76 at DPL/1/2/50.

Description of original work book: British Library Add MS 521619

SUPPLEMENTARY MODERN LITERARY MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. III. Poetical Notebook of Philip Arthur Larkin; 5 Oct. 1944-10 Mar. 1950. Autograph (ff. iii, 45, 46, 48b typewritten) drafts and fair copies of some eighty-five poems and fragments, of which five, on ff. 1, 2b-13, were first collected in The North Ship, 1945; eight more, on ff. 38, 49b, 50, 65b, 66, 74b-76, 81-87b, 94b-97b, in XX Poems, 1951; and two, on ff. 23, 24, 31, were printed in the magazine Mandrake, Oxford, 1946. The remainder, including (ff. 56-60) an incomplete verse-play, 'Night in the Plague' (f. 56), are apparently unpublished. Some were to be included in an unpublished collection, 'In the Grip of Light', prepared in 1948. See Stratford, pp. 19-24. National Manuscript Collection of Contemporary Writers MS. 7. Presented by the author through the Arts Council of Great Britain.

Paper; ff. v+99. Folio. 5 Oct. 1944-10 Mar. 1950. Mostly in pencil. Revisions and fair copies in ink.

Location of Originals

Original workbook held by the British Library [Add. Ms. 52619]