Letters from Anthony Powell to Philip Larkin, writing from London and Somerset, and 1 copy TL from Philip Larkin to Powell, writing from Hull (17/9/81)

Scope and Content

Topics include:

Poems by Philip Larkin in the 'New York Review of Books'

Kingsley Amis

'The North Ship', and its dedication, and 'The horns of the morning' [CP275]

[David] Stringham

Military ranks

'The Less Deceived' with particular reference to 'Toads' [CP89], 'Poetry of Departures' [CP85], 'Deceptions' [CP32], 'Arrivals, Departures' [CP65]

'Larkin at Sixty'

The DT ['Daily Telegraph']

'Caledonia' (by AP), with reference to Kingsley Amis' 'Light Verse'

Ed[ward] Burra

Philip Larkin's Oxford Doctorate

Tony Quinton

Andrew Motion and his book about the Lambert family

'Orwell on Jura' (television programme)

Monica Jones

Links between personal and place names, with reference to Dymoke/Dymock, and Lascelles Abercrombie

'[N]o Ten' (number 10 Downing Street) and Ladbroke Grove

Margaret. Thatcher (implied though not specifically mentioned) and Vidia Naipaul

Getting old

'Verdant Green' (Cuthbert Bede)

Faber and Faber

Unconditional Surrender (Evelyn Waugh)

(4 TLSs, 1 ALS, and 1 TL)

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