Electoral registers for the Borough of Swansea. The records in this class are voters' lists of two types, burgess rolls lists of those eligible to vote in local council elections and parliamentary electoral rolls covering those eligible to vote in a general election. From 1885 most volumes contain both lists. The boundaries of the area covered by these registers is complicated by the fact that the boundaries of the municipal borough of Swansea and the boundaries of the parliamentary boundaries of the Borough of Swansea were not the same. From 1918 onwards there were two constituencies within the boundaries of the municipal borough of Swansea, called Swansea East and Swansea West. Roughly speaking, Swansea East covered St Thomas, Landore, Morriston, Hafod, Cwmbwrla, Treboeth and Eastside, while Swansea West covered the town centre as far as Brynmill Stream on the west, the river Tawe on the east and Townhill on the north. This area excluded Newton, West Cross, Oystermouth, Sketty, Killay, Cockett, Waunarlwydd, Fforestfach, Clase, Ynystawe, Llansamlet and Birchgrove, and all of which were brought within the boundaries of Swansea City in 1918. These areas continued to be part of the Gower Constituency until local government reorganisation in 1974. Many of the registers after 1918 only cover the Swansea West and Swansea East areas. Where the register is said to cover 'Gower' for the years 1918-1974, this means not the whole of the Gower constituency, but only those parts that fell within the City of Swansea.


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