Directors' Records

Scope and Content

These records are extremely varied in content, reflecting the differing interests and priorities of successive directors. They include extensive material relating to the IETM conference in 1993, information files on subjects as diverse as playwriting issues and the need to acquire new premises. They also include record series generated by specific tasks that were the responsibility of the directors, for example publicity material.

Administrative / Biographical History

The first person to be appointed to the role, with the title then of Co-ordinator, was Melanie Harris. She left in 1994. During her tenure the organization applied for charitable status and of necessity became far more businesslike in its record keeping. As well as co-ordinating the annual summer workshops, which were at this time still run with a 'festival' quality to them, MH was instrumental in expanding the activities of the organization to include the Commission and Residency Awards and pioneered a Newsletter for members. MH was keenly interested in the wider world of new writing and became involved in the IETM. This led directly to Manchester hosting the IETM Conference in 1993. The workshops themselves were given an international flavour in 1994 with the Summer Guests' project [see NWP 3/1/4]. MH left the organization at the end of 1994. She was replaced by Jonquil Panting. It was soon after JP's arrival that the position of Co-ordinator was re-named Director. During JP's short tenure the ambitious summer festival 'The Hothouse' was planned, which aimed to expand the workshops into a Writers' Festival. Also at this time NWP secured 'annually funded' status from the North West Arts Board. JP left with unexpected suddenness at the end of 1995 and was replaced by Louise Mulvey. LM continued to run the organization from the Contact Theatre until forced to seek other premises by the Theatre's refurbishment. The workshops were continued, the Award Schemes expanded to the whole of the North West Arts Region and the new award First Scene was introduced. It was under LM's initiative that the workshops were converted into a rolling programme after 1998. Although technically only on a sabbatical to start with, LM effectively left the organization at the end of 1998. The company is now run by Co-Directors Chris Bridgman and Judith Rose.


This sub-group has been used to contain records that have no natural place elsewhere, and that have been created by the Directors of North West Playwrights in the course of their work.

The records have been organized into series as follows:

  • NWP 7/1 Policy documents
  • NWP 7/2 Marketing and Publicity
  • NWP 7/3 Members' services
  • NWP 7/4 Correspondence
  • NWP 7/5 Information files
  • NWP 7/6 Diaries and Daybooks
  • NWP 7/7 Project files