Summer Workshops 1994, 'Summer Guests'

Scope and Content

The plays workshopped in 1994 were as follows: Bang on Top, by James McMartin; Nowhere Man, by Ian Karl Moore; Wax, by Steve Cochrane and Sue Morris; A Miniature Spring Floor, by Owen Hagen and Passive Smoking, by Jan McVerry. Playwrights from various European countries, mainly from Eastern Europe were invited to attend as part of the City of Drama events, hence the overall title of the workshops. The invited foreign playwrights were paired with an English playwright for the festival.


The files are arranged according to the original subdivisions in the lever arch file in which these records were stored. Where there was a title this has been given in inverted commas, where there was no title one has been derived and is placed in square brackets. Items NWP 3/1/4/1-11 deal with the European guests side of the project, NWP 3/1/4/12-21 deal with the usual workshop matters.