Photographs, portraits and related items

Scope and Content

Australian photographs of William Stanley Jevons:

  • JA/33/1/1-2. Photograph albums. 1. Album 'commenced Nov. 26th 1857'. With a typescript list headed 'Album I: photographs not held in National Library'. 2. Album of photographs, '1853-8'.
  • JA/33/2/1-37. 34 photographs not included in the above albums, with 3 printed items.
  • JA/33/3/1-31. Duplicate photographs.

Jevon's Family Photographs:

  • JA/33/4/1-39. William Stanley Jevons.
  • 1-13. Portraits;
  • 14-18. Negatives of photographs in albums (33/1/1-2) including negative of a photograph of Jevons's Hampstead residence 'The Chestnuts';
  • 19-39. Negatives of photographs of writings, maps, etc produced by Jevons.
  • JA/33/5/1-18. Harriet Ann Jevons.
  • 1-13. Portraits;
  • 14-17. Portrait (4 copies) with her sisters Sarah and Mary Ann;
  • 18. Harriet's dog.
  • JA/33/6/1-13. Harriet Winefrid Jevons.
  • 1-8. Portraits;
  • 9. Portrait with Herbert and Lucy (brother and sister);
  • 10-12. Folder with 3 photographs: ?Harriet, Harriet with her mother, Harriet with Herbert;
  • 13. Framed photograph of Harriet and Herbert, on ceramic.
  • JA/33/7/1-7. Thomas Edwin Jevons. Portraits.
  • JA/33/8/1-2. Photographs of Solomon Jevons and his son W. Howard Jevons, with a letter from the latter to 'Miss Jevons', 15 May 1943.
  • JA/33/9/1. Photograph of Richard Roscoe.
  • JA/33/10/1-4. Photographs of the grave of Herbert Jevons (brother of William Stanley) in New Zealand.
  • JA/33/11/1-7. Photographs of 'The Chestnuts', the Jevons family home in Hampstead. 3 exterior, 4 interior.
  • JA/33/12/1-27. Miscellaneous photographs.

JA/33/13/1-13 Photographs and reproductions of portraits

  • 1. Photograph of oil-painting of William Jevons, grandfather of William Stanley Jevons;
  • 2. Photograph of picture of Ann, daughter of Robert Webb, wife of George Stone;
  • 3. Reproduction of colour picture of Elizabeth Ann Seton;
  • 4. Photo of miniature of John Edward Taylor, Sen;
  • 5 Photo of picture of 5 Roscoe children;
  • 6. Photo ofMarble bust of Mary Ann Jevons, née Roscoe;
  • 7. Photo of Miniature of (Thomas Jevons);
  • 8-9. Photo of miniature of Mary Ann Jevons;
  • 10-11. Photo of Miniature of (?Mary Ann Jevons);
  • 12. Photo of Miniature of Daniel Daulby;
  • 13. Photo of miniature of Mrs Daulby (Margaret Roscoe).

JA/33/14/1-5 Engravings, drawings and paintings:

  • 1. Engraving of William Stanley Jevons;
  • 2. Tinted drawing of Lucy Ann Hutton, née Jevons;
  • 3. Tinted drawing of Jane Roscoe, by Mrs Locke;
  • 4. Tinted drawing of Harriet Ann Taylor;
  • 5. Watercolour of Bay Lodge, Bowdon, home of Sarah, Harriet and Mary Ann Taylor.