Currency, money, bullion etc.

Scope and Content

/1. On the frequent pressure in the money market, and the action of the Bank of England. Published by the Manchester Statistical Society from the Journal of the Statistical Society of London, June 1866, vol. XXIX. Includes Appendices I and II.

/2-4. As above, London printing. With Appendix I only. 3 copies.

/5-6. 'The silver question'. Papers read before the American Social Science Association at Saratoga, 5 September 1877. By B. F. Nourse and W. S. Jevons. 2 copies.

/7-52. MS. of Money and the mechanism of exchange. Incomplete. pp. II-XXIII, 1- 6, 164-6, 172-4, 176, 178-80, 183-6, 189, 192-6, 201, 31 1-31, 333-57, 360-89, 391-510, 512-601, 603-58. 8-52. Miscellaneous notes on currency, etc.

/53-60. Newscuttings and other printed items on currency, etc., c. 1854-78.

/61. Bound volume containing: a) An account of coin and bullion exported from 1699 to 1792, extracted from the custom-house ledgers. MS., (not by W. S. Jevons). b) Accounts of the number of ounces of gold and silver bullion ... exported in each half -year since passing the Act 59 Geo. III Cap. 49. Printed.