Academic appointments and personal appointments

Scope and Content

  • /1. Printed letter of application for the professorship of Logic, Mental and Moral Philosophy, and the Cobden professorship of Political Economy. With 22 printed testimonials;
  • /2. Another copy of testimonial no. 22 (from J. S. Mill);
  • /3-16. MS. testimonial letters from Alexander Bain, 14 January 1865; Thomas Spencer Baynes, 18 May 1866; Edward John Broadfield, 2 May 1866; John Elliott Cairnes, 8 January 1865; Augustus De Morgan, 9 January 1865; Henry Fawcett, 7 January 1865; William Ballantyne Hodgson, 27 March 1866; John Hoppus, 13 January 1865; Richard Holt Hutton, 7 January 1865; James Martineau, 7 January 1865; David Masson, 9 March 1866; James Edwin Thorold Rogers, 12 March 1866; Alexander John Scott, 30 January 1865; Jacob Waley, 9 January 1865;
  • /17. MS. invitation to Jevons to attend a meeting of professors, with agenda. 19 October 1868;
  • /18. MS. extract from the minutes of a meeting of Owens College Council recording Jevons's resignation. 7 January 1876;
  • /19. MS. letter from J. G. Greenwood and A. W. Ward to Jevons on behalf of Owens College Senate, expressing regret at his resignation. 11 February 1876;
  • /20. Bound testimonial volume presented to Jevons on his retirement from Owens College. 23 June 1876.

  • /21. MS. extract from Senate minutes, 2 November 1880. Resolution regretting that Jevons was resigning because of ill-health.
  • /22. Letter from Talfourd Ely to Jevons, enclosing the above document and informing him of the Council's acceptance of his resignation from University College, London. 8 November 1880.

/23. List of members of the Philosophical Society of New South Wales (including Jevons), 1857-8. Printed.

/24. Notification to Jevons by T. Archer Hirst of his nomination as a Fellow of the Royal Society, 18 April 1872. MS.

/25. Notification to Jevons of his election as a Fellow of the Royal Society, 7 June 1872. Printed, with MS. annotations.

/26. Offer to Jevons of the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, University of Edinburgh, 26 February 1876. Printed, with MS. annotations.

/27. Letter from the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland notifying Jevons of his election as an honorary member of the Society, 25 June 1878. MS.

/28. Letter notifying Jevons of his election to the Athenaeum, 11 March 1879. Printed, with MS. annotations.

/29. Certificate awarded to Jevons by the Reale Istituto Lombardo de Scienze e Lettere, Milan, 22 January 1880. Printed, with MS. annotations.