Solar influence on commerce ('Sunspot theory')

Scope and Content

  • /1 MS. entitled 'The solar influence on commerce'. 22 sheets.
  • /2 MS. entitled 'Influence of the sun-spot period upon the price of corn'. 7 sheets.
  • /3-62 Miscellaneous notes on sunspots and economic fluctuations;
  • /63-6 Newscuttings on the above, c. 1878-9.
  • /67 La legge di periodicita delle crisi. Perrurbazioni economiche e macchie solari. Estratto dall'Archivio di Statistica, Anno III, 1879. Includes references to Jevons's work. Presented to Jevons by the author, Gerolamo Boccardo.
  • /68 The cycle of sun-spots and of rainfall in Southern India. By J. Norman Lockyer, W. W. Hunter and E. D. Archibald, 1879.