Miscellaneous publications

Scope and Content

1. The Economist. Shewing, in a variety of estimates ... how comfortably and genteely a family may live, with frugality, for a little money... By a gentleman of experience. (1774).

2. Anonymous, Nothing to wear: an episode of fashionable life. n.d.

3. James BlomfieldA statement of the charities and other bequests to the parish of Orsett, Essex, with a short account of its antiquities and other matters., 1864.

4. The autobiography of Martin Dunsford, the historian of Tiverton. Read by George L. Dunsford to the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art. Reprinted from the Transactions of the Devonshire Association, XXXVI, 1904.

5. Two discourses concerning the necessity and dignity of marriage, with a brief account of the duties, difficulties, and advantages that attend it... Preached at Sudbury in Suffolk, 13 April 1735t. By John Ford. (1735).

6. William Ewart Gladstone, 'Speech delivered at Blackheath, on Saturday, September 9th 1876, together with letters on the question of the East', (1876).

7. Rev. S. Hawtrey, A narrative-essay on a liberal education, chiefly embodied in the account of the attempt to give a liberal education to children of the working classes (1868).

8. Otto von Kotzebue, Voyage of discovery in the South Sea, and to Bering's straits, in search of a North-East Passage; undertaken in the years 1815, 16, 17, and 18, in the ship Rurick. Part 1, 1821.

9. The Labourer's Friend(a periodical). No. 1, new series, June 1844.

10. The Labourer's Friend (a periodical). no. V, October 1844.

11. Charles Henry Schaible, The state and education: an historical and critical essay, with special reference to educational reform (1870).

12. Henry Sidgwick, A supplement to the first edition of 'The methods of ethics' (1877).

13. W. H. Stone, Sound and music (Science Lectures at South Kensington), (1876).

14. Sarah Wilkinson, The subterranean passage; or, Gothic cell. A romance, (Wanting pp. 1-10). n.d.

15. Anonymous, Memoir of the life of Thomas Young, M.D., with a catalogue of his works and essays n.d.