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JA/3/3/1 Indenture of apprenticeship to Richard Vaughan Yates of Liverpool, ironmonger, for 7 years from 15 April 1807.

JA/3/3/2 Memorandum by Sir John Guest, 4 July 1848, concerning Jevons's employment by the Dowlais Iron Company.

JA/3/3/3 Printed notice of the dissolution of the partnership between William Jevons the elder, Thomas Jevons, Timothy Jevons and Townshend Wood ... under the firm of Jevons, Sons & Company, in the trade or business of iron and tinplate merchants, 23 December 1851. Together with a similar notice of the dissolution of the firm of Jevons and Wood (Thomas Jevons, William Jevons the younger, Timothy Jevons, and Townshend Wood) at Neath, Glamorgan. (Same date).

JA/3/3/4 Printed notice from the firm of Jevons and Co. that Thomas Jevons is now a partner, 1 April 1854.

JA/3/3/5 Notes on the Liverpool iron trade. 2 pp.

JA/3/3/6 Printed report on the 'Perfect Life Preserving Boat', invented and made by Jevons, Horton & Co. (1822).

JA/3/3/7 Draft of a 'letter to the Kaleidoscope on my iron life boat, Sept. 1822'.

JA/3/3/8 Newscutting reproducing an item from the Mechanics' Magazine, n.d., entitled 'The first iron ship', mentioning Jevons.

JA/3/3/9 A page from the Kaleidoscope, n.d., with an illustration by Jevons of 'a floating slip or landing place'.

JA/3/3/10 Cuttings of review notices of Jevons's Remarks on criminal law (1834) and Prosperity of the landholders not dependant [ sic ] on the Corn Laws (1840).

JA/3/3/11 Draft of a letter to Liverpool Corporation concerning the Roscoe and Howard Arcade, 19 March 1850.

JA/3/3/12 13. Two drafts of a letter to Liverpool Chamber of Commerce on decimal coinage, November 1852.

JA/3/3/14 Draft table of proposed conversions from old to new coinage.

JA/3/3/15 Copy of a letter on decimal coinage sent to Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, including conversion table.

JA/3/3/16 Photocopy of telegram to Henry Jevons informing him of Thomas Jevons's death, 9 November 1855.