Criticism and discussion of Jevons' writings

Scope and Content

/1 List of Jevons's printed works, 1857-68. (Part of the proofs of a work by Jevons?) Incomplete.

/2. Another version of the above, listing works to 1879. Incomplete.

/3. Cutting of letter to the Examiner and Times dated 17 October 1866, criticising Jevons's Cobden Lecture entitled An introductory lecture on the importance of diffusing a knowledge of political economy.

/4. Alliance News, pp. 177-80, 18 March 1876, report on a paper given by Jevons to the Manchester Statistical Society entitled "The United Kingdom Alliance, and its prospects of success".

/5. Review of Science primers - Logic in the Journal of Education, July 1876.

/6 Un nuovo ram della matematica dell'applicazione delle matematiche all'economia politica. By Léon Walras, 1876. Includes discussion of Jevons's Primer of political economy. [Italian]

/7. Review of the Primer of political economy in the Manchester Examiner and Times, 10 April 1878.

/8. A practical business view of the causes of crises, and of their popular explanation in overproduction, by a merchant. By W. Westgarth, 1878. Refers to Jevons's 'sunspot' theory.

/9. Article from the Times, 19 December 1879 (incomplete) on the deterioration of the gold coinage, quoting Jevons's opinions of 1869.

/10. Part of an article on coal from the Eastern Counties Herald, 18 November 1880, quoting Jevons's work of 1865.

/11. Biographical notice of Jevons on pp. 426-34 of the Biograph and Review, no. 29, Vol. V, May 1881.

/12. Note on "Jevons as an economist" by Alfred Marshall, attached to a form for subscriptions to the Jevons Memorial Fund, c. 1883.

/13. 'On Jevons's logical machine' By Edward Adolf Sonnenschein. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Birmingham Philosophical Society, Vol. IV, Part 1. A paper read before the Society, 13 December 1883.

14-37. Reviews of Letters and journal of W. Stanley Jevons, edited by his wife, 1886. 24 cuttings.

/38-39, "Address to the Economic Science and Statistics Section of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Liverpool, 1896". By Leonard Courtney, recalling Jevons's address to the Association in 1870. Reprinted from the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Vol. LIX, Part IV, December 1896. 2 copies, different printings.

/40. Article in the Times, 8 April 1901, on 'Our coal supplies', quoting Jevons's study of 1865.

/41. Article from the Daily News, 14 September 1910, entitled 'The vicious circle of underpayment', by L. G. Chiozza Money. Quotes Jevons's Primer of political economy.

/42. Article (from unidentified newspaper) entitled 'The supremacy of the state', by J.P. Grossmann. Discusses Jevons's views on the subject. c. 1932.

/43-4. Newscuttings from the Daily Mail(?) and Liverpool Daily Post recording the fiftieth anniversary of Jevons's death.

/45-7. Newscuttings recording the centenary of his birth, 1935-6.