Political Economy, General

Scope and Content

/1 'Brief account of a general mathematical theory of political economy', from the Journal of the Statistical Society of London, June 1866.

/2 'An introductory lecture on the importance of diffusing a knowledge of political economy'. Delivered in Owens College, Manchester, at the opening of the session of evening classes, 12 October 1866.

/3 Notebook containing text of 'Notice of a general mathematical theory of political economy', for F Section, British Association [c.1874?].

/4 Transcript of lectures on political economy delivered by Jevons in Owens College, Manchester, in the session 1875-6. 288 continuously numbered pages. Compiled by the Rev. Harold Rylett.

/5. Manuscript of Primer of political economy (published by Macmillan, 1878). To Chapter XI, numbered pp. to 260, wanting pp. 4, 175; Chapters XII -XIII, numbered 1-29; Chapters XIV-XVI, numbered 300-337; and concluding pages, numbered 400-409.

/6 Manuscript of The principles of economics, pp. 354.

/7 Pages 1-29, 33-62, 70-104, 151-182 of a copy of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, some annotated by Jevons.

/8-13 Miscellaneous notes on Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations.

/14 Notes on J. S. Mill's work on political economy. 10 pp.

/15-37 Miscellaneous notes on economic fluctuations and crises. .

/38. 'Diagram showing the price of the English funds, the price of wheat, the number of bankruptcies, and the rate of discount monthly so far as the same have been ascertained. Compiled and drawn by W. Stanley Jevons'. Printed graph, covering period 1731-1862.

/39 Another copy of the above, incomplete. (covering 1798-1862).

/40-96 Newscuttings on economic fluctuations, 1866-78.

/97-155 Drafts of 'contents of plates' (?for a work on political economy).

/156-193 Miscellaneous notes on political economy.

/194 'Draft report on applications for professorship of political economy'.

/195 Newscutting on economic policy.

/196 Notes on a general bibliography of Jevons's 'mathematical economic works'. 4 pp. Not in Jevons's hand.

/197 Copy of a letter from H. Priest to Herbert Somerton Foxwell, n.d., referring to Jevons's work in political economy. (Copy not made by Jevons).