Photographs of Whixley Hospital

Scope and Content

Comprising the following:
(1) Postcard: 'Aerial view of Mid Yorkshire Institution, Whixley, York, [1940s]
(2) Exterior view of Whixley (donkey in foreground) [1950s]
(3) Hospital ward, exterior, looking towards ward, showing verandahs with patients outside [c. 1950-1]
(4) Another, slightly different view of above [c.1950-1]
(5) Laundry with patients working [1956-7]
(6) Greenhouse, interior view, showing gardeners working [c. 1950s or 1960s]
(7) Main entrance, [1960s?]
(8) Entrance to main kitchen gardens and greenhouse. [1960s]
(9) Ward 5 dormitory [1960s/]
(10) New boilers [c. 1960-1]
(11) Laundry showing coat being pressed and brushed [c. 1962-3]
(12) Wire making [c. 1962-3]
(13) Occupational Therapy Centre [c. 1962-3]
(14) Pottery making in Occupational Therapy Centre [c. 1962-3]
(15) New kitchen (equipment section) [c. 1966-7]
(16) New kitchen [c. 1966-7]

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