Related Material

The material in WHX 2 was located at the Works Department at Clifton Hospital. These items had been centralised after 1948 at Clifton Hospital because it was the head hospital of York 'B' Group. All material relating to Whixley has been listed here with the following exceptions:
Some of the material found at Clifton Works Department related to more than one 'B' Group Hospital: these items have been listed with the Clifton Hospital archive. The following items in the Clifton Hospital archive thus also relate to Whixley:
General papers on Land and Building: CLF 2/2/1/81; CLF 2/2/1/89; CLF 2/2/1/95; Insurance Inspection Reports: CLF 2/2/2/19; Painting and redecoration: CLF 2/2/3/41; other Works Department papers: CLF 2/3.

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