Abortion and Birth Control

Scope and Content

Consists of:

Programme and discussion papers for the 'Women's Liberation Abortion Workshop', 9 Oct 1971

Pamphlet - 'The Proletarian Approach to the Questions of Overpopulation and Abortion', Union of Women for Liberation, Hertfordshire

Press Release - 'Birth Control Expenditure in Greater London', Family Planning Association, May 1972

Questionnaire - 'A Woman's Right to Choose and Control Her Body', Liz Dibb

Newsletters - 'Women's Abortion and Contraception Campaign', Vol 2 No 2 Apr-May 1973 and Vol 2 No 3 Jun-Jul 1973

Flyer - 'Women's Abortion and Contraception Campaign'

'Memorandum on the Working of the Abortion Act 1967', Communist Party of Great Britain, 8 Sep 1971

Copy of letter from Camden Council to the Communist Party re 'National Health Service Reorganisation Bill - Family Planning', 16 Mar 1973

Manuscript notes - 'Abortion and Contraception Campaign'

Manuscript note, 'How about taking a liberty with me [doll?]'

Press cuttings:

'Abortion or Baby - Women's Right to Decide' dated 22 Mar 1971

'Birth Pill Advocates Attack Policeman in Every Bedroom View' from 'Post-Mercury Series' dated 4 Feb 1972

'Women's Fight for Free, Safe Abortion' dated 1 Mar 1972

'Abortion May Still Be the Only Safe Way' dated 8 Mar 1972

'Less Need for Abortion' dated 15 Mar 1972'When an Abortion is Safer' from 'Evening Standard' dated 23 Mar 1972

'In the GDR it's the Woman Who Decides on Abortion' dated 26 Apr 1972

'Assessing Effects of Abortion Law in GDR''Providing Birth Control Facilities For the Young' from 'Morning Star' dated 16 Aug 1972

'Unmarried Mothers - the Bitter Battle' from 'Morning Star' dated 10 Jan 1973

'Debunking Myths About Menopause' from 'Morning Star' dated 21 Feb 1973

'Row Over Sterilisation Blackmail' from 'Morning Star' dated 5 Jul 1973

'Abortions: Call For More Consistency' from 'Morning Star''Women's Lib in Birth Control Demo'

'After 16 Years, Nothing Has Changed'