Angry Brigade

Scope and Content

Consists of:

Transcripts of court proceedings: John Barker's cross-examination of Mr W Davis, police officer, with annotations [by Angela Weir?] and MacDonald's cross-examination of Gillham, page 14.[Archivist's note: transcripts and manuscript notes added by the Archivist, having originated from the same file as 7EAW/C/10. On the reverse side of the John Barker transcript there is a manuscript essay re tax credits, child credits and married women's allowances.]

Manuscript notes on the Barnet Committals re Ian Purdie and Jake Prescott.

Three editions of 'Conspiracy Notes' - underground newsletter on the Angry Brigade committals.

Issue no 1, January - Contains details of charges in the Angry Brigade case; timeline of events detailing raid on Women's Liberation Workshop 9 Nov 1971 and arrest of Angela Weir on 11 Nov 1971; accounts of the committal process and life on remand in Brixton Prison and Holloway Prison; female prisoners' statements re physical assaults experienced when on remand; the difficulties of conducting a legal defence when on remand; and problems encountered by defendants conducting their own legal defence.

'Conspiracy Notes' undated edition, annotated 'for Mike Mansfield' [Angela Weir's barrister]

Typewritten notice - 'The Gay Liberation Front Supports the Metro Club: support pig brutalisation of black people'

Detailed list of bombings1970-1972, covering Britain and Europe and including some bombs claimed by the Angry Brigade

Press cuttings:

'Light Rally Clash: 27 Arrests' from 'Sunday Times' dated 26 Sep 1971

'There's No Justice Like British Justice' and 'Angry Brigade Strikes' from 'Freefrendz' No 10:38 dated 16 Sep 1971

'London Diary' from 'New Statesman' 13 Aug 1971.

'To Market, To Market?' by J B Priestley, from 'New Statesman' 13 Aug 1971

'The Violent Ones Who Say it With Bombs' from 'Evening Standard' dated 1 Dec 1971.

Press cuttings re bomb blasts 1971-1972 - including two cuttings with manuscript annotation 'defence exhibit'