Birmingham Women's Conference 1973

Scope and Content

Unpublished papers:

'Notes Towards a Discussion of the Family Allowance Campaign and its Implications', Mar 1973'Socialist Women - Our Tasks at Present and in the Future', Revolutionary Women's Union, Mar 1973

'The Significance of Maria Della Costa's ''Women and the Subversion of the Community'' ', Ellen Malos, Bristol

'Some Notes on Gay Liberation', Carol Riddell, Lancaster Socialist Woman Group and IMG

'Some Theoretical Questions Raised in Relation to Sexism, Capitalism and the Family', Birmingham Women's Liberation Theory Group, 17-18 Mar 1973

'The Hypocrisy of the Birmingham Sham Socialists', Union of Women for Liberation, Hertfordshire, 17 Mar 1973

'A Contribution to the Discussion of the Family and the Oppression of Women Under Capitalism', Margaret Coulson, Lancaster Socialist Woman Group and IMG

'Some Comments on Engels' Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State', Rosalind Delmar, 17-18 Mar 1973

[For manuscript essay re tax credits, child credits and married women's allowances originating from this file see reverse of Angry Brigade transcripts in 7EAW/C/13]