Socialist Feminism

Scope and Content

Unpublished essays and reports on Marxism, capitalism, imperialism, socialism and civil rights. Includes unpublished papers for Feminist Review conference and the Socialist Feminist national conference, 1980.

Also includes:

Article from 'Camden Tenant' - 'York Way Women's Centre: Maiden Lane Community Centre - Why We Quit', Summer 1973

Typewritten report - 'How Fares Equal Pay?', European Communities Commission background report, 22 Feb 1979Leaflet - 'Women Against Cruise Missiles'

Open letter to feminists from Pat Carney and Amanda Carey re socialist feminism

Press cutting, 'The State: Some Problems' from 'Marxism Today' dated Nov 1976

Press release - [Eugene Mallon trial] People's Democracy [bottom of paper is missing]

Newsletter - 'Free Citizen: Newspaper of the People's Democracy' 2:32 (14 May 1971)

Manuscript notes - 'Going, Going, Gone' re Northern Ireland and socialism

Flyer - 'Lift the Ban on the Communist League', International Marxist Group

Flyer - 'Defend Our Civil Rights', All London Squatters Federation and London Ad-Hoc Committee for Defence of Civil Rights

Pamphlet - 'Lesbian Left: A Collection of Papers by Women in Lesbian Left - A Socialist Feminist Group', Spring 1977