Times Law Reports: Press Cuttings

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Dates given are dates of Law Reports rather than publication [reports generally published the following day]:

'AEUW Members Fail to Win Order For Calling Off May Day Strike' dated 26 Apr 1973

'Refusal of Injunction Against AUEW Over Strike Upheld' dated 27 Apr 1973

'Clause Against Trade Solicitations Too Wide' dated 2 May 1973

'New Immigration Act is Retrospective' dated 3 May 1973

'Hindu Wife Fails To Establish ''Grave Hardship'' Opposition to Divorce' dated 7 May 1973

'Company Fails Again to Get Injunction Against Union' dated 8 May 1973

'Mews Houses and the Leasehold Reform Act' dated 10 May 1973

'Ban on Scientology Book Lifted' dated 14 May 1973

'When a Rent Officer May Opportion Ratable Value' dated 15 May 1973

'Damages For Tetraplegic Reduced' dated 17 May 1973

'Child Gets Damages for Mother's Lost Wages' dated 18 May 1973

'Lump Sum Payment Reduced From £25,000 to £15,000' dated 21 May 1973

'Squatters Must Go Once Possession Order is Made' dated 24 May 1973

'Difficulties of Applying Mental Health Act' dated 25 May 1973'Appeals by Four Members of the Angry Brigade' dated 18 Jun 1973

'Rhodesian Stock: More Petitions of Right Succeed' dated 25 Jun 1973

'Boy of 8 Goes Back to Mother' dated 27 Jun 1973

'Grave Hardship But Marriage is Dissolved' dated 27 Jun 1973

'Wife Compelled To Live With Husband Can Petition' dated 27 Jun 1973

'Sentencing Young People For Grave Offences' dated 28 Jun 1973

'No Examination of Bank of England Accountant' dated 29 Jun 1973

'When a Count Charging One Conspiracy is Bad' dated 2 Jul 1973

'When Identification Witnesses Do Not Know the Accused' dated 3 Jul 1973

'Uncertainties in The Law of Conspiracy' from 'Financial Times' published 9 Jul 1973

'£20m Thalidomide Settlement Approved' dated 30 Jul 1973'Council Surcharge Upheld'