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      GB 106 7EAW/A/01
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      24 May 1989-16 Oct 1991
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Scope and Content

Set of minutes, dated from the first meeting on 24 May 1989 to 16 Oct 1991.

These minutes are incomplete. The following dates are missing: Jul 1989; Oct 1989; 12 Mar 1990; Apr-May 1990; 22 Aug 1990; 3 Dec 1990; Feb-Mar 1991; May-Jun 1991; Aug 1991.

Sub-groups: Press and Publications; Lobby; Policy; Exhibition.

Chairs: Anne-Marie Smith; Jean Smith; Elizabeth Wilson; Gillian Rodgerson; Mary McIntosh.

Minutes: Linda Semple; Ros Kaveney; Mary McIntoshPress secretary: Margaret Hunt [until 13 Dec 1989]

Other Members: Alison Assiter, Deborah Ballard, Robyn Banks, Jackie Barrett, Sarah Baxter, Inge Blackman, Tessa Boffin, Pauline Brown, Avedon Carol, Jules Cassidy, Mitch Cleary, Jane Crozier, Robyn Davies, Nell Druce, Sara Dunn, Angela Eagle, Hazel Farrow, Jean Fraser, Sudhira Gantz, Billy Goodfellow, Harriet Gilbert, Robin Gornah, Della Grace, Marybeth Hamilton, Louise Hansen, Jenny Harris, Sally Hines, Di Impey, Anne Jansen, Sue Katz, Zak Jane Kier, Isabel Koprowski, Elaine Kramer, Val Langmuir, Grace Lau, Mandy McMartin, Mandy Merck, Mel [?], Sophie Moorcock, Mica Nava, Rita O'Brien, Sue O'Sullivan, Tuppy Owens, Deb Percy, Nettie Pollard, Camilla Rozak, Naomi Salaman, Anke Schwarzer, Robin Shaw, Jan Sinclair, Barbara Smith, Angela Spark, Angela Stewart-Pick, Teresa Stokes, Lynne Segal, Anne Tobin, Annie Toone, Jean Trewick, Jenny White, Sharon Whittington, Laura Wright.


29 Jun 1989 - 'Some Questions We Should Be Able to Give Convincing Answers To' by Sue O'Sullivan'; personal statement by Anne-Marie Smith

18 Mar 1990 - minutes of the one day meeting of Feminists Against Censorship

29 Mar 1990 - Feminists Against Censorship's draft letter to MPs re Dawn Primarolo Bill on Location of Pornographic Material

7 Aug 1990 - letter from Elizabeth Wilson to Feminists Against Censorship re widening group membershipFollowing the minutes there is an undated transcript of a speech given to Feminists Against Censorship [by Elizabeth Wilson?]

Recurring themes: Feminists Against Censorship leaflet; reaction to Campaign Against Pornography publications and activities; Liberty [National Council for Civil Liberties] campaign against pornography; Dawn Primarolo Bill on Location of Pornographic Material; fundraising.

[See 7EAW/A/07 for third page of Feminists Against Censorship minutes from 13 Dec 1990.]