Employment Pamphlets

Scope and Content

Leaflets, flyers, pamphlets and ephemera.


'Part-Time Workers Need Trade Unions', Trades Union Congress

'The Taxation of Men and Women', Rights of Women Unit, National Council for Civil Liberties

'Is Your Job Evaluation Scheme Free of Sex Bias?' Equal Opportunities Commission

'Equal Opportunities International: A New Journal

'Membership application form, The Fawcett Society

'Women Workers Briefcase', Trade Unions Congress


'Early Detection Tests for Cancer: The CYTOTEST', Women's National Cancer Control Campaign

'Fight for the Release of All South African and Namibian Political Prisoners', African National Congress and Anti-Apartheid Women's Group

'Positive Sex Discrimination in Training Schemes', Equal Opportunities Commission

'Resolutions Passed 1970-1980', Women's Gas Federation and Young Homemakers

'A Guide to Industrial Tribunal Procedure', Action Opportunities

'New Opportunities for Women', Hatfield Polytechnic

Pamphlet - 'A Strategy for Social Security Operations', Department of Health and Social Security

Programme for Women's Action Day, 27 Nov 1980, Fawcett Society and Women in Media

Leaflet and discussion papers, The National Association of Women Citizens

Programme for the Trades Union Congress Regional Women's Conference, 5 Apr 1981

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

Cedar, Sally, 'If I Can Manage So Can You: The Story of Linda Pritchard and How She Learned to Make The Most of Equal Opportunities for Men and Women', Action Opportunities (illustrated by Mike Cole) (ref 342.0878 CED)

'Workplace Nurseries: A Negotiating Kit', National Equal Opportunities Committee (see TUC library)