Welfare State

Scope and Content

Consists of:

Manuscript notes on the Welfare State and cuts in public expenditure by the Conservative Government and unpublished papers on the Welfare State from a women's perspective. Subjects include the origins of the Welfare State; Conservative Government strategy; social security and income tax; unpaid work in the home; the legal and financial position of single women and older women; the role of the family in the Welfare State; action groups and claimants' unions. Includes 'Report from the ITC Delegate on Her Work on the Supplementary Benefits Appeals Tribunal' by Elizabeth Wilson, Polytechnic of North London.

Published articles:

Wilson, E, 'Exploited Mothers''Resolutions From the Executive Committee', Communist Party Executive Committee

'Beyond Welfare: Strategies For Social Change', LCC Beyond Welfare Conference, Institute of Education, London, 29-30 May

Photocopy - Golding, P and Middleton, S, 'Making Claims: News Media and the Welfare State', 'Media, Culture and Society' I (1979) 5-21

Wintour, E, 'How To Tell Right From Wrong in the Welfare State', '20th Century' (Winter, 1963)

For following publications consult The Women's Library printed collections catalogue:

Wilson, E, 'Women and the Welfare State', 'Red Rag' No 2 (1974) (See ref 362.830941 WIL)

Abbott, E and Bompas, K, 'The Woman Citizen and Social Security: A Criticism of the Proposals Made in the Beveridge Report as they Affect Women', Keighley: The Rydal Press (October 1943) (ref 368.400941 ABB)