Nancy Tait et al. (1989) 'Pleural mesothelioma resulting from exposure to amosite asbestos in a building'

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Correspondence and papers re joint publication of R C Stein, J Y Kitajewska, J B Kirkham, N Tait, G Sinha and R M Rudd, in 'Respiratory medicine' 83 (1989): 237-239. Discusses the case of a 54-year old female office worker who developed pleural mesothelioma 14 years after commencement of exposure to amosite asbestos at her place of work.
- offprint and drafts in various stages
- correspondence with American litigator Patrick S Guilfoyle, who expressed an interest in accessing the text prior to publication
- photocopies of correspondence with William McKelvey MP, 1985, re the threat posed by asbestos
- photocopies of earlier correspondence relating to Nancy Tait's fact-finding mission, among them a letter from DHSS to her son John W Tait, at the time a fellow at Christ's College, Cambridge
For Tait this scientific publication grew out of her recent case work. The other authors were researchers at the London Chest Hospital (Rudd, Sinha, Stein) and the Biological Electron Microscopy Unit of Queen Mary College London (Kitajewska and Kirkham). Brian Kirkham was an expert on electron microscopy; in the early days of the SPAID Electron Microscope (EM) Unit, SPAID retained him as an EM consultant. He also trained SPAID’s EM technician Lawrie Hawkins.

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Restrict on grounds of posthumous medical confidentiality - reveals the identity of the individual on whose case the publication is based: OEDA CF/5/2913 / OEDA CF/9/6 (died 1983)/ akm September 2016, revised June 2017

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