Notebook of William Purdom in China

Scope and Content

Lined notebook, every other page perforated and unlined for use with carbon paper. Inside the front cover are rough notes and columns of numbers

Pages 2-24: the first entry is dated 11 Mar, no year [1916; entries on pages 22-23 are dated 19 Apr 1916], and reads, ‘Left Peking 8.30 via Tientsin 11.25 for Sia nan fu 11.30.’ Entries are mostly brief and describe visits to nurseries, the assessment of new ground, people called on, and contain lists of trees and notes such as ‘No experiments now’, ‘Report sent in’ and ‘12 students’. Places visited include Temple of Heaven and Old Summer Palace

Pages 25-89 are blank apart from an entry on page 41 comprising Chinese and English jottings

Pages 90-96 comprise brief notes mentioning staff, wages and places including Kushan Nursery (Shanting Province), an experimental station and Mukden Forest School

Pages 99-100 comprise jottings including journeys and times (eg ‘Peking to Chenchow 11.30, 2.20’), a page headed ‘Copy of report’ and the name S. Willough with address in Kaifeng, and a brief undated diary entry beginning ‘Left 9.30am, morning fine’

An enclosure, originally at page 42 and stored separately for conservation purposes, appears to have been intended as a list of places, with only one entry which reads ‘1st Bridge Shao Li Dwang’