Committee Records

Scope and Content

There are 17 classes: Finance, General and Ballot Committees minute book, 1886-1890 (MRC1/1); House and General Committees minute book, 1890-1892 (MRC1/2); General Committee minute books, 1895-1972 (MRC1/3); Finance and Ballot Committee minute books, 1890-1902 (MRC1/4); Finance Sub-Committee minute books, 1932-1968 (MRC1/5); Ballot Committee minute books, 1903-1974 (MRC1/6); Political Committee minute books, 1918-1980 (MRC1/7); Library Committee minute books, 1921-1981 (MRC1/8); Registers of books borrowed, 1929-1964 (MRC1/9); House and Billiards Sub-Committee minute book, 1924-1948 (MRC1/10); House and Catering Sub-Committee minute books, 1948-1972 (MRC1/11); Catering Sub-Committee minute book, 1931-1941 (MRC1/12); Staff Committee minute book, 1930-1933 (MRC1/13); Reconstruction Committee minute book, 1945-1951 (MRC1/14); Billiards & Snooker Sub-Committee minute book, 1949-1952 (MRC1/15); Manager's minute book, 1911-1913 (MRC1/16); Committee attendance books, 1924-1962 (MRC1/17).

Administrative / Biographical History

The Manchester Reform Club was administered on a day-to-day basis through its committees which met monthly. The General Committee was the most senior committee, its chair being held by the Club Vice- Chairman with the rest of the committee members comprising the more senior members of the Club. It was responsible for deciding the general policy of the Club, its day-to-day running etc., as well as dealing with external affairs. However it was not until 1895 that the General Committee gained its own committee minute book, having previously shared a common minute book with the Finance and Ballot Committees, and later the House Committee.

Other committees were responsible for specific areas (subject to the general policy determined by the General Committee), as indicated by the committee name: the Finance Committee for financial matters, the Ballot Committee for membership matters, the Political Committee for political affairs etc. Membership to committees was by election, with the exception of a small number of places on the General Committee which were reserved for the Club Vice-Chairman and Club Trustees.