Suggestions Books

Scope and Content

Suggestions Books were provided for members to record complaints and to make suggestions for improvements and alterations to the catering arrangements and other facilities of the Reform Club, and to propose actions to be taken by the Club. The books record the date of the suggestion, the text of the suggestion, the signatures of the proposer and supporters, and the Committee's observations.

Suggestions ranged from requests for an improvement in the coffee served in the restaurant, to a widely supported proposal that a letter be sent to the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, congratulating him on "his magnificent efforts in the cause of peace", following the Munich Agreement. The latter provoked a counter proposal, arguing that the letter be qualified by a statement that the success was attained "at the expense of a gallant little country, the aggrandizement of the German nation by 3.5 millions, and the loss of our prestige." The Committee decided to take no action.