Correspondence between Carol McPhee, Ann Fitzgerald and Fiona Billington-Greig

Scope and Content

Correspondence begins with McPhee and FitzGerald's thanks to Fiona for meeting them at the Fawcett Library in May 1983. They explain their plans to write an analysis of Teresa Billington-Greig's published work alongside her biography. Correspondence becomes increasingly personal, charting the growing friendship of Fiona, McPhee and FitzGerald as they arrange personal as well as business-related trips. Letters discuss family, friends and pets. They exchange newspaper and magazine subscriptions, Fiona receiving first The New Yorker and then Gourmet magazine, McPhee and FitzGerald receiving the Guardian newspaper. They discuss current affairs and American politics in great depth over the years, especially the American elections and ongoing abortion protests by anti-choice groups outside planned parenthood clinics.

Also includes:

* Copies of letters from Dale Spender regarding publishing, copies of letters to Candida Lacey at Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd and various other correspondences regarding publishers approached with their book.

* Copy of letter to editors at Virago Press proposing a compilation of Teresa Billington-Greig's writings entitled 'The Non-Violent Militant: Selections from the writings of Teresa Billington-Greig', containing published and unpublished writings and extracts from an unpublished autobiography. Mentions the sharing of royalties from the book.

* A collection of letters written directly 'to' Fiona's kittens Maia and Moro.

Many letters were sent as accompaniment to additional papers (held in file 7FBG/2/1) but the papers and letters were organised into separate files by the donor.