Articles and research papers

Scope and Content

* Photocopy of 'The Portrait Gallery' article from The Woman Worker No.5 (3 Jul 1908).

* Programme for 'a meeting of feminists committed to the politics of peace' held by the Disarmament War and Peace Project (1984)

* Photocopy of Teresa Billington-Greig's biography in The Biographical Dictionary of British Feminists Vol.1: 1800-1930 by Olive Banks (1985) Harvester Press

* 'Theory in the Midst of Battle: The Development of Teresa Billington-Greig's Theory of Non-Violent Revolution' by Carol McPhee and Ann FitzGerald, written for presentation at the Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies at California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo on 29, 30 and 31 Mar 1985.

* Photocopy of McPhee and FitzGerald's paper, 'Theory in the Midst of Battle' with manuscript annotations and corrections and an additional photocopied introduction (c. 1985)

* Transcript of interview with Fiona Billington-Greig by Carol McPhee and Ann FitzGerald (16 Jun 1985) discussing the home and family life of the Billington-Greigs.

* Manuscript of Introduction to 'The Non-Violent Militant: Selected Writings of Teresa Billington-Greig' by Carol McPhee (1986)

* Typescript of essay titled 'Rebellion Against Militancy' by Carol McPhee and Ann FitzGerald

* Carol McPhee and Ann FitzGerald's business card.