Reports and Working Papers

Scope and Content

C1 Early Technical Memoranda and Reports on Carry Systems, (1 folder), 1964-1965.

C2 Early Papers in Basic Language Machines - G Scarrott Reports, (1 folder), 1966-1967.

C3 Early Papers in Basic Language Machines - ICL Reports, (1 folder), 1965, 1968-1969.

C4 Early Papers in Basic Language Machines - Other Reports, (1 folder), 1964-1969.

C5 OCR and Pattern Recognition, 1964-1972.

C6 OCR - G Scarrott papers, 1961-1970.

C7 ICL New Range Planning Organisation (NRPO), (1 folder),1969

C8 Early RADC Policy papers and memoranda,(1 folder), 1968-1972

C9 Report - "Air Bearings with small clearance", 1970

C10 Transversal Filter Manuscripts, 1970-1972

C11 Undated papers and manuscripts by Gordon Scarrott including notes on "Stability Criteria for Critical Damping", "An Optical Multiplication Device for an Electro-Mechanical beam deflector", "Short notes of Linear Network Theory", "Transformer Coupled Series Stabilisers".

C12 Various papers and manuscripts by Gordon Scarrott:

  • 12/1 "Type Font Assessment", 1962
  • 12/2 "Fast Trade Selection for a Disc Store", 1967
  • 12/3 "The Use of a Composite Copper/Iron Moving Coil to Increase the Efficiency of a Linear Motor", 1969.
  • 12/4 "Velocity of Stress Waves in a Periodic Structure", 1969
  • 12/5 "Estimate of the Value of a Composite Iron/Copper Coil for an Actuator",1969
  • 12/6 "A Higher Efficiency Linear Motor for Use in Head Actuator",1969
  • 12/7 "How Useful is a Commutator in an Actuator Motor"

C13 Other papers and manuscripts

  • 13/1 "Character Generation",1965
  • 13/2 "Some Recent Developments in Character Languages", 1968
  • 13/3 "On Properties of N-dimensional Clusters", 1969
  • 13/4 "Proposal for an Advanced Disc File",1969
  • 13/5 "Speech Analysis",1970
  • 13/6 "Universal Primitive Processor - Draft Proposal", 1972

C14 Later papers and manuscripts:

  • 14/1 "Applied Research in the University" By Eric A Ash, 1969
  • 14/2 "The Coming of Age of Computer Technology" by D Aspinall, 1971
  • 14/3 "Computation and Communication" by Glyn Emery by 1972
  • 14/4 "Natural Information Processing" by D P Partridge and E B James, 1974
  • 14/5 "Tolerance to Inaccuracy in Computer Programs" by D P Partridge and E B James, 1974
  • 14/6 "The Imperial College Science Museum Computing Project" by E B James, 1974
  • 14/7 "Towards a Statistical Model of Immediate Memory",1975
  • 14/8 "Distributed Data Processing" by J M M Pinkerton, 1975

C15 Working Papers by RADC Staff, 1976-1981

C16 SAW Filters and Magnetic Recording, 1972-1981

C17/1-12 Working papers by Gordon Scarrott, 1972-1981 /1 is an index.