Articles by Lees-Smith on politics

Scope and Content

a) 'The Future of the Labour Party', 'The Spectator', 7 November 1931

b) 'Is the Post Office Efficient', 'The Spectator', 26 December 1931

c) 'Is Parliament Too Slow', 'Daily Herald' (2), 25 June 1934

d) 'Britain's Government Falters', 'Current History', September 1934

e) 'Political Parties and the Next Election, II: prospects for the Labour Party', 'The Political Quarterly', January 1935

f) 'Looking Behind the Budget', 'Reynold's Illustrated News', 21 April 1935

g) 'The Next Budget - what Labour will do: sixpence in the o', 'Reynold's Illustrated News (2), 2 June 1935

h) 'Labour's Ready, Aye, Ready!',: Outline of Policy and Tactics for the First Five Years', 'Reynold's Illustrated News', (2), 30 June 1935

i) 'When England Votes', 'New York Herald Tribune' (2) 17 November 1935

j) 'England's New Ruling Classes', 'New York Herald Tribune', 22 December 1935

k) Draft copy of 'Labour and the Election', 'The Contemporary Review', (circa 1938)

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