Vitamin B12

Scope and Content

The file contains a report by Wilkinson in addition to a number of published pamphlets from various drug companies and one item of correspondence.

There are three annotated typescript copies of Wilkinson's report entitled 'Present Position of Vitamin B12'. He begins with its isolation by Edward L. Rickes in 1948 and talks of the chemical nature of crystalline vitamin B12, its therapeutic value, question of dosage, haematological and clinical results from its use, its effect on neurological symptoms and on megaloblastic anaemias, and its effect, or lack thereof, in other conditions.

A letter dated 1 March 1950 from B.M. Merriman of the Medical Department of The British Drug Houses Ltd. thanks Wilkinson for the interview he granted their representative and answers his query regarding the vitamin B12 content of their product 'Anahaemin' and the general difficulties of establishing with any accuracy the vitamin B12 content of any solution.

There are 3 printed pamphlets; the first is produced by The British Drug Houses Ltd. and is entitled 'The Present State of Vitamin B12 Therapy' in which they advertise 'Anahaemin' and 'Anacobin', which is a solution of pure crystalline vitamin B12. The second is produced by Glaxo Laboratories Ltd. and gives information on their product 'Cytamen', a vitamin B12 concentrate. The third is also produced by Glaxo Laboratories Ltd. and entitled 'The Enquiring Doctor' in which a number of questions about vitamin B12 are answered, aimed at a medical audience.

Finally, there is a three page typescript report from Merck & Co. in which they describe their product 'Cobione', a red, crystalline compound containing vitamin B12.