1933-34 Annual Report

Scope and Content

Typescript copies of final and draft reports accompanied by a letter from Wilkinson to the chairman of the committee highlighting key areas of the reporting and voicing some concerns. There is also a printed copy of a summarised version of the report. The research workers along with their investigations are described as follows: Dr W. Deutsch (relationship between the respiratory supplement, methaemoglobin, and the anaemias), Mr J. Scully (effects of different forms of treatment for subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord), Dr R. Ellis (cardiac changes and functions in the anaemias), Mr E. Greaves (distribution of the nitrogenous constituents of the blood in anaemias), Miss V. K. Wilson & Mr H. R. Donald (carbohydrate metabolism in pernicious anaemia), Miss M. Johnson (eosinophilia), Mr H. Jackson (occurrence of iron and copper in anti-anaemic substances), Mr D. Goodfellow (effects of radium and x-ray irradiation on the haemopoietic tissues), Mr M. C. G. Israëls (effect of liver extract on the growth of tissues in vitro), Dr Klein (nature and properties of haemopoietin), and Wilkinson (anaemias, leukaemias and purpuras, diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, Addison's disease, treatment of pernicious and other macrocytic anaemias with hog's stomach, and aetiology and treatment of pernicious anaemia).