Report of Tour - Ceylon

Scope and Content

Wilkinson begins with a description of Ceylon [Sri Lanka], its geography, climate, and history before describing his arrival in Colombo, his visit to the National Zoo, and visit to the University Medical School and Hospital where he sees some patients, does some clinical ward teaching, and holds conferences about some of the patients at the request of the physicians concerned. Whilst there he visited the laboratories and the Radiotherapy Department where he saw patients with haematological diseases who were receiving chemotherapeutic treatments. He also visited the Department of Medicine and the General Hospital where he visits specific wards and recognises the prevalence of diseases owing to deficiency.

After this he is taken to Kandy where he visits the University of Ceylon, the University Health Centre, and some tourist attractions. He gives a lecture on leukaemias at the Medical College and sees several more patients on the wards, some of whom he believes to have leukaemia. There is discussion of medical teaching in Sri Lanka, the need for a National Blood Transfusion Service, education in general, and languages. He leaves with a negative view of the state of affairs in Ceylon.