Scope and Content

Information relating to a trial of Degranol on 7 patients during 1957-1958. Of the 7 original patients 3 had chronic myeloid leukaemia, 2 chronic lymphatic leukaemia, 1 lymphosarcoma, and 1 carcinoma bronchus. There is a summary report of the trial along with two sets of data showing diagnosis, total dose to date, side effects, previous treatment, effect on W.B.Cs, effect on platelets, and effect on general condition, glands, liver, and spleen. There are also more detailed medical notes for one particular patient.

There are also summaries of results obtained from Degranol after two years of clinical use from a number of other trials provided by Leda Chemicals Ltd., London, and typescript copies of reports of its early use from the Oncological Welfare Centre, dispensary of the County Council of Szolnok, the State Railway Hospital and Central Dispensary in Budapest, the 3rd Department of Surgery in the Budapest University Medical School, and the Department of Surgery in the State Hospital for Chest Diseases in Szolnok, all in Hungary.

The file also contains a number of leaflets and pamphlets with information about Degranol printed by its manufacturer, Chinoin Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works Ltd., Budapest, Hungary and the exporting company Medimpex, also based in Budapest, as well as an advert for the drug cut out from The Lancet.

There is also a full copy of Vol. 1(21) of The Lancet from 26 May 1956 left open on p.785 showing a communication of a clinical trial of a new nitrogen-mustard compound.

Access Information

This file contains personal medical information of several individuals that is less than 100 years old and closed under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Please consult the archivist before issuing.