P[ernicious].A[naemia]. and Achlorhydria

Scope and Content

Correspondence with Charles Amos Ashford of the Department of Physiology, University of Bristol from 1936/7 discussing papers they are currently writing and enclosing a copy of a paper written by them entitled 'The nature of the stomach principle in pernicious anaemia: investigation of Greenspon's suggestions'. In additional correspondence from 1939 Ashford discusses pepsin determinations by Fuld's Edestin method, and in 1941 correspondence they continue to discuss papers they are currently writing, in particular Wilkinson's report on the nature of the extrinsic and intrinsic from the stomach.

Correspondence from the Boots Pure Drug Co. Limited from 1934-6 discusses the properties and makeup of the stomach preparations being sent to Wilkinson for clinical trial including pepsin free tissue and residue from acetone liquors.

There are handwritten tables showing the response of some pernicious anaemia cases to certain treatments. In addition the file contains a copy of S.M. Goldhamer, 'The Presence of the Intrinsic Factor of Castle in the Gastric Juice of Patients with Pernicious Anemia', American Journal of the Medical Sciences, 1936, 3(191) p.405, as well as a typescript copy of Kyer, J., Brooks, F.P., & Isaacs, R., 'Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Desiccated Stomach', Experimental Biology and Medicine, 1936, 34(5) pp.677-680.