Scope and Content

Report by Wilkinson on a number of cases seen by him in 1937 after they had been accidentally exposed to the influence of the vapour of 2-methylbutyraldehyde or isovaleraldehyde [ (CH3)2CHCH2CHO ] in the atmosphere of a University research laboratory. In it he describes the chemical and its preparation in addition to the clinical findings in the cases he treated.

The incident appears to have taken place in the University's Schorlemmer Laboratory and there is a handwritten account by one member of staff of events. In total 6 cases are described by Wilkinson. There are also additional notes on the effects of exposure to amyl alcohol, acetaldehyde, and formaldehyde.

At the end of the file there is a letter received from Dr Patricia Fitzsimons of Glaxo Laboratories Ltd. dated March 1939 enquiring about Wilkinson's previous work with patients affected by amyl alcohol as she has recently seen a patient presenting with symptoms following exposure.