Scope and Content

An assortment of notes and other items that seem to predominantly relate to teaching sessions given by Wilkinson. These include:

  • Introductory notes on haemorrhagic disorders covering disorders of platelets and disorders of the capillary endothelium. Basic notes on types of anaemia divided into anaemias due to blood loss, defective red cell formation, aplastic anaemias, and haemolytic anaemias.
  • Statistical data on Wilkinson's patients with aplastic anaemia in remission, aplastic anaemia patients surviving longer than 3 months, and causes of death in pernicious anaemia.
  • Offprint of Wilkinson & Israëls, 'Idiopathic Aplastic Anaemia', The Lancet, 1961, pp.63-65, which appears to have made use of the above data.
  • Information on the routine for out-patient transfusions.
  • Offprint of Taylor, G.L. & Race, R.R., 'The Rh Blood Group Factor', The Medical Press & Circular, 211:5466-7, pp.86-9 & 104-7.
  • Wilkinson's handwritten notes in preparation for clinical lectures.
  • Offprints of Wilkinson's articles on anaemias from Nursing Times, 1961.
  • Notification sent to Wilkinson of when clinical lectures will be held during the Lent Term in 1954, 1956, and 1957.