Vitamins-Nurses' Diet. Blackcurrant Juice-details of

Scope and Content

Correspondence regarding investigations into levels of vitamins A and C in schoolchildren in Glossop and the subsequent effects of any deficiencies. The investigations were instigated by the Ministry of Health and approximately 400 children were involved in the trials between October 1941 and July 1942. Much of the investigations were carried out by Wilkinson, his colleague Dr G. Kohn, and the Medical Officer of Health for the Borough of Glossop, Dr E. H. Marcus Milligan. Much of the file consists of correspondence between these three men discussing the arrangements to be made to carry out the investigations as well as tests carried out regarding the vitamin content of certain foodstuffs. There is also correspondence with Dr Burns, Medical Officer of Health for Salford, regarding the latter matter.

Specific investigations were carried out into the possible causal link between nutritional deficiency and gingivitis leading to additional correspondence with Patricia Fitzsimmonds of Glaxo Laboratories Ltd. from whom they sought supplies of Nicorbin, Caldeferrum, and ascorbic acid.

There is additional correspondence regarding blackcurrant juice with W. K. Slater of Dartington Hall Ltd., Mr Cable, the General Superintendent and Secretary at the Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI), and F. D. Armstorng of H. W. Carter & Co. Ltd. Finally there is a report on vitamin deficiency in the nursing staff at the MRI.

The investigations into the health of the Glossop schoolchildren resulted in the following publication: Kohn, G., Milligan, E.H.M., & Wilkinson, J.F., 'Levels of Vitamin A and C Nutrition in Glossop School-Children and Effect of Deficiencies on Their Physical Condition', British Medical Journal, Vol. 2 Issue 4319 (Oct 1943), p.477.